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Groupon is intermediate service offered to encourage the clients to spare cash by availing the discount provided for day to day activities. Groupon offers are provided for specific period of time usually one day as well as the deals are offered to the clients through coupons which becomes active when the predicted number of customers place an order in buying a product. It is also marketed quickly to the consumers through mails. They mainly focus on offering discount particularly in restaurant, particular store. When the user desires to utilize the offer he/she will pay through credit/debit card then use the coupon to redeem the value paid in stores.

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Features of Groupon

Social Login

Social login allows the users who have created accounts in facebook, twitter, gmail to utilize the services of groupon. As many users avoid the usage of website in order to create a new account to use the deals such customers are addressed by these social login features which improves the productivity of the business.

City and Product Search

Groupon also offers an option to the customers by filtering the deals that are in and around their location as well as if the user wants to only the offers related to particular products they can set up and get the deals only the interest they specified.

Reviews and Comments

The guests could specify remarks on particular offers in the Facebook remark choice accessible underneath the deal. The remarks are refreshed in the guest's Facebook news sustain. Any undesirable remarks can likewise be erased. A review helps the users to purchase the good products.

Paypal Adaptive

The Paypal Adaptive enables shippers to pay practically anybody also supporting mechanized installments. They can make applications that oversee installments, send cash distributed, split installments in both parallel and affixed models, acknowledge visitor installments, and calendar payment.

Multi Language

Our site supports the most widely used languages in the world which helps the user to select the language on which the offers have to be displayed avoiding the situation of client struggling to utilize the deals plus the website features.

Multi Currency

Our groupon supports almost all currencies currently in use except few not supported by us. The supported currencies are United States, Australia, Israel, Japan, Egypt, Columbia, China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Coupon Code

Every coupon holds a remarkable coupon code in it to shield the vendor from reclamation of copy coupon/testament. The Admin will approve a coupon as well as verify that the customer has used the coupon for product purchase.

Wishlists Features

A wishlist gives the interest of the person who is to be the customer of the organization. This list is circulated among the friends and family as well as along customers. Mainly it involves in the communication between gift buyers and receivers. Groupon wish list feature increases the marketing of the product mutually increasing the sales.

User and Merchant Management

Groupon Provides variety of user and merchant management. The merchant can offer various such as maximum offers to be provided for a product, full offer i.e., getting promotional value for amount paid, promotional value which is paying less for a product, date of expire of offer, amount to be repaid to customers and terms as well as conditions that are applicable.

SEO Friendly URL

An informative plus attractive SEO URL which helps to improves the business a lot. When the groupon contains a SEO friendly URL it increases the search engine identification as well as comprehension of the user that leads to improved customers utilizing the benefits of groupon.

Unique Dashboard for Merchant and User

Dashboard assists the merchant in understanding the number of offers provided in a month, number of sales performed, sales graph , recent payments done, and the customer feedback. Similarly the user also gets to realize the number of products in offer, completed offers, upcoming offers, and number of customers who utilized the deals. This makes the user and merchant to be in a good relationship for a long time.

Merchant Add Main Deals

Merchants mainly focus their offers to the circle of restaurants, fitness and travel where customers really want their deals to be highly concentrated in these areas which increases the deals to be forwarded to many clients.


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