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Features of Taxi App

Android APK for Driver and User

An android APK is provided for both driver and customer. Both the users should install the APK and register with their accounts to utilize the features of the application effectively in order to book the cab for journey.

Locate the Passenger on Map

Customer use cell phones as well as tablets that will provide their present location utilizing GPS. Location is identified by the pressing the radar icon .This option makes the customer easily book the taxi not to specifying the location reducing time and amount spared.

Cab Request

A Cab request is placed by the customer through his/her app specifying the requirements such as vehicle type, number of persons travelling and time the taxi is to be arrived, card payment or cash payment.

Driver Profile

Each individual Taxi driver profile is added into the app containing the details such as name of the driver, experience in driving , the vehicle number of the driver, employee ID and contact number to access the driver.

Phone Bookings

People who are unaware of using the android App usage are also provided with the telephone numbers. Customers can dial up to the phone numbers and book their cab required specifying the details of place of location, time of the cab arrival, number of passengers travelling and the place to be reached.

Manage Drivers and Cabs

User also allowed selecting the driver and the vehicle of their own interest to make their journey comfortable. Since we are always in concern with the user’s favor and comfortability this option provides the user with the flexibility in booking up the rides.

Social Login

The user of the app in order to navigate through the features they can either create his/her own account in the app or they can utilize their social login which is created already in the social platforms such as facebook, and twitter by verifying the link that is sent to the email ID.

Location Search

Customer can find the taxi's location as well as assessed reporting time can be estimated. The continuous monitoring educates customer about the rest of the time until pickup is to be carried out.

Reviews and Comments

We provide a feature reviewing the taxi journey which gives the details such as location at which trip booked, what is the frequency of trips booked. We also consider the comments of the customer regarding the driver's cordiality, vehicle condition and general administration.

PayPal Adaptive

Our Adaptive Accounts API allows the user to create new PayPal accounts redirecting to the PayPal site. After the account is created customers are directed again to APP sending the acknowledgement message. Now the customers are allowed to pay their journey through their PayPal account.

Promo Code

Promotion codes go about as a qualification necessity for the rebate. When the customer is booking for a ride he/she should provide Promo code, to get the discount for their ride charges.

Real Tracking on the Map

The Application also offers real tracking on the map which specifies the location, distance to reach the position, route to be followed to reach the location and time required to reach the destination is listed out along with the map.



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